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Oke so i found a easy way to get the two trophies without any problems 

if anyone finds A better way let me know 



go in offline mode 


picks the following modifications 



difficulty rank 1/15 - ridden rank completed - horde rank 12/15 - player rank 10/15



now for the map it is RNG what map you can pick 



but the only 1 you want is act 3 missions T-5 (repeat it until you can pick this mission)


all you have to do is bring 3 orange boxes to the vehicle in this mission and you are done but before you bring the last box look for mementos cups 


 if the player modification is up to 12 the mission will spawn with memento cups you want pick up to boost your score 


after 3 different runs I found up 4-5 per game 


stay made a good few kill and made sure no one was death before ending the mission 


i end with 110+ on different runs 


hope this helps someone with the trophies 


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I used the same modifiers but couldn’t get the T5 map after trying for awhile so decided to try the Cesspool Hive when it came up. Managed to find 6 of the memento cups and got all 3 totems and my score was 182k. Got downed so not sure it had too much affect on the score. 


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Used the setup listed with a melee Holly build. Didn't get the T5 map but managed to breeze through "The Clog" without any problems. 6 mementos gained - both trophies done. 


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