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Cloud save before developing nuke

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I tried it recently and it doesn't work. When you finish developing the nuke it needs to be online and it remembers you have a nuke.

But don't worry, before the plat is done you will have close to 400k rep points. I still have 14 side ops to finish and I'll get the plat myself.

I rushed for the online trophies to be sure that in case the servers shut down I'll have them.

So good luck,there is a long road ahead of you.

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I've just done this. I got to a point after mission 31 where I had enough resources and GMP to start building a nuke, so I saved my progess to a USB, restarted the game and commenced development. This was all done entirely offline - from starting the game to this point, I didn't connect to the servers even once. And since I hadn't fully upgraded MB the development time was 30 hours, so I just left the game running whilst I was sleeping, at work etc. 


Whilst it was in the late stages of development (about 4 hours to go) I happened to look at another guide that mentioned you need an FOB for this trophy. I knew it was on online trophy (i.e the development timer freezes at 1 minute offline) but the guide on this site doesn't specify that requirement. But in any case that doesn't matter because the game forces you to create one when you connect to the servers for the first time, no other options are available under the MB tab in the iDroid. I needed the Intruder trophy anyway so took care of that, then went back offline and returned later when the timer had frozen. Went online, got the trophies, then went back offline and restored my save data from the USB. Worked fine, I immediately put the fuel resources I'd previously spent on the nuke into upgrading MB. And no sign of Demon Snake (the main reason I did all this at all, I'm still only halfway towards the Hero trophy which is enough of a grind even without penalties to heroism).

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