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This game NEEDS dlc trophies


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4 minutes ago, Ghost_of_Ziggy said:

If only, but no more Zombies. Why don’t they put much effort into Spec Ops anymore? Different developers I’m guessing. That was the best game mode they ever did. Or bring back Extinction mode with updated aliens and hives to destroy. 

Why you ask? Because that doesn't make them money. What does is mp and warzone with all the paid for digital content. You'll be surprised how much they make from it. 

It's the exact same thing that Fifa have done with FUT. They've left everything else including other online modes for dead for a decade now at this point. In 2021, EA made $1.6billion in games sales, but $4 billion in 'live service' revenue which is FUT. So you can see why Fifa and Cod will always be like this from now on. It's really unfortunate. 

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