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Note about bugged statistics in coop


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We are all aware that the statistics when playing coop modes (against IA bots) are buggy. There are some discussions about that it sometimes register or never. I can say that it registers from time to time in that modes: I got 5 triple kills during a 3Vs3 against bots, and I also had the trophy "Resilient" at the end of such mode.

I don't know what makes it work or not, but I noticed something: just after connecting to the game, when you select the characters, I saw from time to time that the talents I had selected for Amateratsu (the character you are on automatically) wasn't the ones I had chosen but were the default ones (you will have to select again the talents at the end of the modes, and if you go to another character, it will reset his talents too). When this happens, the stats won't register. If the talents are the ones I had chosen, the stats will register (victory, kills...).


For now, I have no idea what makes one way or the other. I don't know if it something related to crossplay (last time it worked for me, we were 2 out of 3 players from Playstation). Most of the time, I would say that it will bug, but you can tell if it won't at the beginning of the game. In that sense, you can focus on finishing quickly the games or trying to get your stats up (like triple kills).


Hope this helps. And maybe someone will understand the reason of such thing.

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OK, so if someone is interested: I am 99% sure it is linked to crossplay.

Every single time the stats didn't register, I was the only one playing on Playstation and every time It registered, we were at least 2 out of 3 PS players.

Unfortunately, there is no way to remove crossplay for now.

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