Don't stop after getting the last trophy

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Alls I'm sayin is. If you're the type to stop playing after getting the last trophy or the platinum. 

Don't stop playing.

After you get "The Last One" trophy in this game, with its melancholy tone and weird happenings in the back ground. It goes from. Huh? to what the fuck? To. This is wild, what the hell. 


I was planning on stopping after the last trophy cause puzzle games like this just aren't my thing. It was cool at first, but I felt a little bored halfway through. Don't get me wrong, i appreciate this game for what it is, not calling it bad. But then I got curious about what all the people were staring at inside the dome. 

Then shortly after you find out what's in the dome. 

Then, what the hell kind of turn this took? I still don't know. But I'm sure as balls glad I didn't stop. 


Anyways, it's on ps extra right now so take a few hours to enjoy this. 

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