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I know this is an old game that no one is really interested in anymore but I recently finished NFS Most wanted which I really enjoyed so I decided to pick this one up too. And I would be extremely grateful if anyone could help me out on this one.

Mgame annoyingly started pausing because it hadnt yet loaded the graphics for the next part of the race. The screen just freezes for a brief moment of 1 or 2 seconds. At first it only happened every few races. But let me tell you the last 5 races I played it happened 3-5 per race. So Im thinking I’ll reinstall the game see if that helps. So I delete the game data file.


Then I start the game again, and I dont install the patch 1.03 because I know these patches also often cause more trouble than they remedy.


The game then offers to load my 83% save. But after successfully loading it just starts a new story!

So immediately Im quitting from the game before it would autosave over my 83% file.

As it would turn out I rescued it just in time. So I take a backup from that save to the cloud. Once thats done l start the game again and again it prompts me to load 83% up again, but again it starts a fresh story. After the prologue I get to the open world from where Im able to choose ´load save’ which then would just reload that new game that had just started. 
From this point on, the 83% save is gone and overwritten by the 1% save.

I still have the save backed up but for some reason I can’t download it before tomorrow around this time which is ridiculous because I didnt download anything from the cloud today.


Anyone an idea why the game doesnt recognize my save?




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A lot of games patch their saves when you install an update, which then means you can't use them without having the latest one installed. Also, uploading a save to the Cloud, resets the download timer by changing the timer to 24hrs after the time you just uploaded it at.

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Thanks it seems you were right. Installing the update made it work again. However it doesnt appear to have fixed my initial problem, the game is really broken. The graphics have to load in every couple of minutes in each part of the game which is very disturbing. I wonder if anyone played this game and can confirm that this is normal for it or is it just my copy somehow.


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