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help with Lightning Returns: Caius Ballad match (day 7, 3 days left)

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hi guys and gals having so much trouble with Caius and wonder if anyone can help me beat him or suggestion on what do make less painfull or shall i just restart the whole damn thing lol


here is what i have availble in my Items armour wepons skills etc:

Recovery Items:  Hi-Potion x2,   Phoenix Down x2, Warrior's Potion x2

EP abilities:  Curaga,  Arise, Esuanda, Overclock, Escape, Chronostats, Teleport

Current -    Electronica,   Celestial Body,   Quiet Guardian


avaiable Garb -  

Amazon Warrior, Art of War, Black Mage, Cold Rebellion, Danse Macabre, Dark Muse, Equilibrium, Guardian Corps, Hidden Justice, Hunter of the wild, Ignition, L'ange Noir, Midnight Mauve, Mist Wizard, Nocturne, Paladin, Red Mage, Rhapsody in Rose, Sacred Knight, Shadow Trooper, SOLDIER 1st Class, Soldier of Peace, Sphere Hunter, Tomb Raider Velvet Bouncer, Vengeance, Vigilance, Watery Chorus, White Mage, Witching Hour, Woodland Walker



Weapons - 

Buster Sword,   Blaze Saber, Brotherhood, Cruel Grace, Devil's Daughter, Excalibur, Femme Fatale, Liberator, Satanic Sister, Scramesax x2, Survivor's Axe Magician's Wand, Hyperion


Sheilds -

Riot Shield, Double Cross x2 , Juno Sospita Dirdre's Tears, Night Lotus, Pendragon x2, Warning Sign, Ghostly Bloom, Guardian Corps Shield, Guardian's Protector, SOLDIER'S Band


Accessories -  Fighter's Emblem, Frostbane Choker, Ghostly Hood, Guard Hood, Guard Glove, Imp's Crest, Magician's Token, Promised Necklace, Runic Ring, Stormbane Choker. Thorn of Will, Tri-point Coronet, Twist Headband, Witch's Rosary, Zirconia Brooch



Abliities -  

Aero Lv.2, Areo Lv.1 ^*, Aero Blitz Lv.1*, Aeroga Lv.2 x2, Aerora lv.1*
Area Sweep Lv.2*

Attack LV.1* + Lv.2

Beat Down Lv.1*

Blitz Lv.1

Blizzara Lv.1* x2,Lv.2* + Lv.2 x2

Counterblow Lv.1 ^

Curse Lv.1 ^

Defaith Lv.1* ^

Deprotect Lv.1 ^
Deshell Lv.1 ^

Elementa and Elementa Lv.2

Evade lv1* ^

Fatal Sweep Lv.1

Firaga Lv2*, Fire Lv.1 Firestorm Lv.1

Flamestorm, Flamespark, Flamestrike Lv2*

Froststrike Lv.2 and lv1 ^


Guard lv.2*^

Heat Blitz Lv.1

Heavy slash Lv.1*

Icespark Lv.1*

Light Guard Lv.2 *^

Light Slash Lv.2 x2, Lv2*, Lv1*^

Magnet Lv.1 ^

Mediguard Lv.1 ^

Poison Lv.1 ^

Punt Lv.1*

Ruinga Lv.2

Steelgauard Lv.1* ^

Thundaga Lv.2*, Thundara Lv.2,  Thunder Lv.1 * ^

(* = yellow and ^ = the 3 arrows next to them)


well i hope this is enough imformation for people leave suggestions... Caius Ballad i hate so much lol been on break with this mission for week or 2 now o.o will beat him eventually or just restart what you guys think



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Have you completed the rest of the main quests? I got to Caius when I was on day 4 and he destroyed me, so I saved it for last, I returned on day 7 and I got him with some effort, but I won after all. If you've completed the rest of the main quests, then you could use two of the three days you have left to go sidequesting and increase your stats and get better gear, commands and stuff, since beating Caius will give you a new day 100% sure, and getting all the main quests done guarantees your making to the 13th day. 

If you want to beat him right now, I used Electronica for magic, Helter Seeker (I think it's written that way) for attack (reward for 1st outerworld challenge) and for defender I used Quiet Guardian, so my Schemata was really similar to yours. Caius has powerful physical attacks, but he really excels in magic, so you should have Defaith equipped, as well as Imperil, so that your magic gets to hurt him a bit more. You should be agressive, because it's a fight you'll want to end ASAP. You can also try Curse or Slow, but I didn't use them. If you use Helter Seeker with a powerful weapon (I used Cloud's sword) you attack should be somewhere between 1800 and 2200 depending on how many sidequests you've done. 


I think that's all I can tell you to help you beat him, but again, if you have another main quests pending, go for them first, since the stat boosts they give will be really useful to get in shape to beat Caius. Best of luck, you'll eventually get him! :)

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Supposedly you should playing on easy mode! in which case it is almost impossible to fail :) 
I understand that the first gameplay is the easiest difficulty to obtain certain trophies, but in HARD MODE you have best accessories because it is a reward for being at this level of difficulty! but I advise you to play this mode when you're at max because enemies are 30x more harder :)
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I forgot to mention that I played it on Normal Mode, anyway, the tips are pretty much the same. If you do some sidequests (go for 2 and 3 stars ones) your stats will get a nice boost which will definitely help you beat Caius. Good luck :)

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yeah its easy mode and not done much of side quest... its the time to do them all is pain in the butt butt :(  

You do not have to do all the sidequests! If you do everything in luxerion and yusnaan arrives perfectly to defeat him! I in my first gameplay on Normal i won him completing only the first 2 chapters. as I said in the easy mode is easy to defeat him, you must understand what he does to defend and you attack at the right time (he has no weaknesses) follow that video and it will be easier ! good luck :)

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Few tips:

- As soon as the battle starts he'll always call Bahamut, this attack is strong but it can easily be guarded if you time your guard, i've always used Heavy Guard against this attack.

- Press R2 to know what you're supposed to do to stagger him.

- "-ra" magic attacks > any other.

- You can skip that annoying animation where Lightning jumps back when she uses "-ra" magic for the 3rd time, have 2 sets with "-ra" attacks and when you do it for the 2nd time, change to your other set. This only works if you use two different "-ra" attacks, (i.e if you use Fira on both garbs she'll jump back). This is useful because the animation takes time and if she doesn't do it you'll be relentlessly casting magic againts Caius, he'll be sttagered in no time. :)

- When he's staggered, make sure to spam Overclock on him, i heard Army of One is very good against Caius but i never really used it.

- When he casts "Body and soul" (or whatever it's called, it gives him buffs!) i was never able to stagger him. I always waited until his buffs were gone. At this point he gets really mad and starts spamming attacks so keep your distance and be careful.

- Just try to kill him fast because from my experience the less health he has the more he spams.


And last but not least... fail the game, you can sleep until 6AM every day until the last day comes and you'll be prompted to start a NG+, therefore you'll be able to get those NG+ trophies (except upgrading weapons/shields) and you'll keep all your gil/stats/etc...


It may look tedious to fail the game just for a boss but once you do fail it you'll complete every quest on the very 1st days with ease. You'll also be getting more attack/magic from quests so Caius will be a piece of cake.

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i did it this morning :yay::awesome:

good job, now do the Side Quest and Canvas of Prayers to help you boost your stats higher and also in case you didn't know go to the crashed airship in the Wildlands near the Research Camp and start the 5th main quest which is easy

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