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Another Easy Platinum?


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This Infamous game looks like it gonna have more collectible  trophies then the previous ones

Knowing them, they'll allow some in game upgrade which allows you to find them. Hopefully easy like Prototype 2 collectables :) ! If not maps will be posted fast like Infamous 2.


Gahhh, I can't wait to play this game, lol


Looks relatively easy, and there's also some fun trophies in the mix (take out 10 street musicians, LOL). Though I'm not quite sure what "expert difficulty" is

I assume it's like hard on the first 2. I highly doubt it'll actually be hard because they usually make it a gold trophy but instead it's a silver trophy. Unless of course Ol' Sucker Punch finally has a trick up their sleeves ;D

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I found infamous one and two boring ;/ just couldn't get into them, so I'm really excited for the character change, second son looks like it's going to be amazing; trophy list looks good too, not obnoxious, nice and simple. Can't wait. 

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Looking good. Was hoping for power leak, but all i saw there was neon. I thought they said we would be getting more, if not oh well, sure it'll be a great game! Can't Wait! 

There was the Hat Trick trophy. Defeat an enemy using three different power sources.


Which would imply there are at least 3 different powers.

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Whatever list it has I would buy this game regardless it looks amazing from what I've seen.


The list however does seem pretty similar to the first two installments so I guess it won't be that hard, 2 playthroughs though with both Karmas is going to be hella fun.


Especially Evil Karma.   :ninja:  :awesome:

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