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I'm not getting medals (Online Challenges PS3)


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Hi guys, so i'm doing the challenges for months now and I had several problems with the crappy servers, but NOW there's a BRAND NEW glitch!. In a past few days I started to notice that my medals didn't pop up so the points did not count. Today, for example, the game was supposed to give me 3 gold medals and 1 silver and I just got the silver one. I don't know what is happening, I google it a bit and I didn't find anything about this issue. Am I the only one? I lost over 60 points by now. T_T




EDIT: Ok, sorry about that, I was a little worried. But am not the only one.




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Thanks for posting this, and the links. I thought for sure I was the only one since I last earned cups the 7th, skipped a day (the 8th) for the first time in months, then the cups didn't appear the 9th. I also only got one cup today for the daily challenge. Hopefully this will be fixed- I'm out 40 points and I should only need 380 until platinum.

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