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Noticed there wasn't a guide to follow for this platinum so I typed up some advice below.


Personal Estimations:

Difficulty: 4/10

Hours: 20-30


1. Work through Career mode for the first time and try and unlock the Polaris Pro XP with a top 3 finish in the World Series

The game isn't balanced very well and your first playthrough will be tougher until you unlock the Polaris Pro XP. Once you unlock the Polaris Pro XP the game will become much easier.


2. Work through Career mode 3-4 more times until you gain enough money to buy everything. Work on trying to get gold medals on the way.

It took me around 4 total career mode playthroughs until I finally had enough money to buy everything. I found that you didn't have to buy the sponsored parts to earn the "Own it all" trophy but you do have to buy all upgrades for each vehicle and clothing.


Also work on cleaning up the misc career related trophies in this step like winning the World Series and earning Legend career reputation. I achieved Legend reputation without trying but I believe it has to be done in one career season. Make sure as you work towards Legend reputation you are winning the majority of the challenges.


3. Clean up all the gold medals

Clean up all the gold medals you haven't earned using the Polaris Pro XP in quick race. A few of the races should take a few tries but overall they are all doable. Just remember to take a controlled pace and if you don't mess up you will definitely get the gold


4. Get misc multi-player trophies

There are three multiplayer trophies with one trophy requiring online. I chose to do the online trophy first to make sure the servers were still active. For split-screen mode you will need two controllers. Hot-seat you can complete with just one.



Trophies Bugging:

I found this game to be a fairly buggy game. I experienced two major bugs I was able to work around.

  • The first bug was that the Polaris Pro XP didn't win when I got third in the World Series. I was able to replay and get first the second time around and then it unlocked
  • The trophy to own all vehicles did not pop when I bought the final vehicle. To fix this I intentionally lost a duel with the cars as the stakes. Then I rebought the car I lost and the trophy popped


Advice regarding avoiding bugs:

  • Move through the garage menu slowly. If you move through the menu to fast the game will crash and I suspect that could cause one of the items towards 'Own it all' to bug out.
  • Take backup saves before buying the last apparel item, last vehicle, and last item/upgrade in general towards "Own it all". This way if the trophy doesn't pop you can revert back to the old save and try again
  • When you buy the final vehicle/apparel item, buy it in the garage and not for a discount on the career page. I bought the last vehicle on the career page and the trophy did not bug. Please read the above section for more details about how I worked around that bug


Advice regarding gameplay:

  • UTV's are much better than ATV's
  • Controlling your throttle is important if you consistently can't get up a section. I found that driving with 3/4's throttle while going up hills seemed to work the best
  • For hill climbs in particular, the best path up the hill isn't always marked very well
  • Don't build up too much speed on downhills, the game will try to flip you
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Thanks @passe-posse for these precious advices.


Concerning multiplayer, did you manage to find games easily ? Can we start a game with 2 players ?


Thanks mate for this topic.


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Thx for this advice if your personal progress. I like race games so want to do this 2 , with this all notes i will give it a shot. I will just start the game first to Knock out the multiplayer trophy.


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@Bearded_Jay I had no problem finding a multi player match but I might've just got lucky. You only need one and I believe you can invite a friend so you would be able to boost it technically.


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