Missed a chest(s) :(

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Thought I'd followed the overall walkthrough perfectly, been unlocking other trophies when I was supposed to but I've missed a chest somewhere, was so happy when rechecking the school house I found an unopened one was convinced the trophy was back on 


Pretty much only got my nightmare run to do and now I'll have to collect them all again on that 


Feeling pretty down and annoyed right now can I have a pity party, would probably cheer me up 



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Sorry to hear that, collecting the final chest just to find out that the trophy hasn't popped hurts the soul :( This actually happened to me more than once unfortunately, one time on Ys Celceta and another two on Trails 1 and 2. I managed to find the Ys one given that you can backtrack to any area but it took me a good while, didn't have the same luck on Trails tho, so i ended up doing all over again on nightmare. For Trails 1 i missed a chest at Garrelia Fortress, it countains a Hellfire sr quartz, maybe you missed this one too? it was hidden in a very small area of the map.


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