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Well, here's the list. You know how this works, post your thoughts.


My thoughts are that the list isn't as bad as Persona 4 Golden or the original Persona 5 as there is no navigator line trophy and from my original Persona 3 experience there are only three social stats to max here, so most of the trophies are combat, story or Velvet Room connected. The Pair of Wild Cards may throw people off, but I'm assuming that Margaret is the superboss you fight only in New Game+, so I plan on doing a run on the male character as my 100% social links run and then doing New Game+ as the female character and ignoring social links and social stats(as I'm sure that stuff carries over like it did in Persona 5 Royal like money to buy those Personas you registered) and only having one relationship(as I'm sure that Persona 3 Portable did not fix the whole "all romance options become your girlfriend once you max out their rank" idiocy the original Persona 3 had). What do you guys think?


Also, I thought Persona 4 Golden was also getting released on January 19 for the PS4.


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