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Yeah i agree on HBK kicking Bret. Funny, WWE Youtube uploaded that very moment a few days ago. I watched it and again felt the same "what if Shawn hit sweet chin music on Bret right then and there?" That crowd would have lost it. Lol. 

I personally am not a fan of Bret but I can admit he was a good technical wrestler. He just bores the ever living crap out of me.


I am curious where WWE goes in the coming weeks with Rhodes, Reigns, splitting the titles, Owens/Zayn/Usos, Wyatt and possibly Rock. Prefer Roman lose a title beforehand if hes facing Rock. 


This was a great interview!

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On 1/19/2023 at 8:37 AM, Charizarzar said:

Probably quite controversial, but I want to know this opinion from a wrestling fan. How did you react to Chris Benoit’s crime? What did you feel, what insights did this information lead you to?

In case you don't know, the Benoit tragedy had a huge impact here in Italy. Back in 2003/2007, SmackDown used to air on a famous Italian channel, Italia 1, and was fashionable between kids/teenagers: that's how most Italian kids, including me, got into WWE, thanks to SmackDown on Italia 1, and most Italians agree that that time was when WWE was a big deal here in Italy, almost as football. When Benoit died, Italia 1 decided to stop broadcasting SmackDown. I was just 9 in 2007, and I didn't know how he died, and my father lied to me telling me he died in a car accident. :lol: I think I learned the truth in 2008/2009, when I got to use the Internet for the first time. Obviously, I was shocked. I remember around that time that I was reading details about his death on Wikipedia right before going to sleep, and then I was unable to sleep that night. I also remember that, for some reason, I wasn't really scared of the killings themselves, but of what Benoit had texted to his colleagues.


Now that I am an adult, I think that Benoit likely didn't realize what he was doing: his brain ended up being heavily damaged, likely because of all the bumps he took during his career. Even though his actions were most likely unintentional, he is still a murderer and he should not be in the Hall of Fame. Trying to differentiate the wrestler Benoit, one of the greatest of all time, and the man Benoit, a killer, is something that we fans can do, but not a big worldwide company like WWE, so I think that WWE is making the right decision trying to stay away from Benoit and avoid remembering him.

This is the best take on Chris Benoit I have ever heard

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