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"The Ruins of Rockbury" is a little buggy


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I just finished both the PS4 and PS5 versions with a friend and one the PS4 version "The Ruins of Rockbury - Entered the Ruins of Rockbury" didn't pop the first time (or the second or third). We were able to fix it by loading the checkpoint over and over until it worked but it was a pain. If it helps anyone else who ends up in the same situation the final time we tried that got it to pop: We loaded the final checkpoint in the cemetery and grabbed the lens, brought it back to the church, both players entered and exited (which seems to have been the possible problem cause the other times only one brought the lens in while the other waited), go back down to the lift for the ruins, the player without the trophy let the other player get rid of the frozen explorer and have them sit in the seat they were in. Idk if this will help anyone, but if it helps even one person who wouldn't get the plat otherwise I'd be happy.

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I ran into the same problem while playing with a friend, him in PS5 got the trophy and me on PS4 didn't.

We solved it easily during cleanup by loading the last part of chapter 2, redoing the music puzzle (still got the answer written in my notes) and reaccessing Rockbury.

So it's clearly glitched but easily fixable.

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Just wanted to clarify that you must be the host of the game for the trophy to pop. Doesn’t matter if you push the frozen explorer and sit first or sit last.

Just popped it on ps4 by being host, pushing the frozen explorer and sitting on his seat, then the player with the trophy sat last.


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