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Can Spiral Abyss be Carried Through?


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Like the title says. Is it possible? Say I build only a Barbara to keep my co op partner immortal is it possible? I haven’t tried Floor 9 or up yet but it seems everyone says Spiral Abyss can actually be difficult and I’m not sure how much I want to farm artifacts just to be able to beat it. I’m loving the game but don’t want the SA to ruin my experience. Floor 1-8 was pretty easy but I’m afraid to try a floor higher when I don’t have enough characters to do well. Thanks for any info.

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9 minutes ago, madbuk said:

Spiral Abyss can't be done in co-op, so you can't get carried. Floor 9-12 don't need all stars though so you don't need to really minmax your build, just average artifacts should be enough

Ok cool. Thanks for the info.

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