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NG+ Baton Glitch


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I haven’t seen too much on this but after starting (and restarting) NG+, once I get towards the end of Chapter 2 to pick up the baton it just disappears into his back. None of the attack buttons work after that. So it’s pretty much gamebreaking ?

I tried a method on Reddit where I reloaded my final regular game save, finishing, watching credits, starting a new NG+ but no luck. Also no luck with delete/reinstall.


I also tried to push forward to see if I can reach where you get all weapons back but there’s a section at the beginning of Chapter 3 that requires you to kill before moving to through the next door. 

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Happened to me, when starting NG+

I read a theory somewhere that this happens when playing NG+ after completing the first run using the "maximum security" difficulty glitch.
Could be true, I used that glitch to get the Max Security difficulty trophy.

During my NG+ the baton didn't show up, just like you described above.

I wasn't enjoying my second run anyway, so I just deleted the whole thing and sold the game.

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I posted in another thread about this. Pretty confident it's more than a theory. If you used the max security glitch and tried using that same save file for NG+ your baton will glitch when you acquire it. Here is the cut and paste of my post about it. 


If you plan on jumping into NG+ after doing the above steps you must use your original minimum security manual save at the end of the game. DO NOT USE the new one you made after changing the difficulty. Once you reach the stun baton it will glitch and disappear. Additionally, once you reach the first reforge you will get none of your weapons. The best way to know you are ok is to press up to see your inventory the moment you first gain control of Jacob in NG+. If all your additional inventory slots are available and you can see the person's of interest collectables, you are good. If you have limited inventory and the collectables aren't showing, it will glitch on you. 

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