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Missing 2 Enemys PS Exclusive quest.


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Hey, I am Missing 2 Enemys from the PS Explusive Quest the Puppet and the Boss Monster for my Log and the 100%  and the Platin.


It Seems i saved and closed inbetween the Quest and fuckt something with the Counter. 


Those Someone else has the Same Prob.?


I opend a Bug Report maybe some can vote so they can look into it Thanks for the Help :)



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missing something
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Juste 3 normalement... Mais oui. 



Finally it worked for me with the method of Collector Fix trophy 


And I confirm that there is no need for anything related to additional content, whether DLC objects or the quest exclusive, nothing is necessary, only the basic collectibles.

So play without fear, no problem if you don't have the 5 Collect of the quest, ,good luck for the rest ;) 

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