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for the sake of trophy farming...???

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yeah, if save file can be transfer back from ps5 to ps4 then i prefer to play ps5 version, since the load time feel better when i play ps5 demo, otherwise i i

will stick with ps4 version untill i get plat and transfer to ps5 to grind and wait for dlc

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6 hours ago, PaintP said:

Look at PS4 leaderboard. Few already plat the game with 1 minutes.

Which mean, I guess, the the save files can be transfer between PS4<>PS5 (like nioh). Therefore Autopop from PS5 to PS4 is possible.


Can you confirmed this for us? @Hinsusta @RuancarloSilva (unless you guys got embargo)

Works the same way as NiOh. You can upload your save from PS5 to PS4 version.

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