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Tip for quick skills based trophies

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30S82240b.pngMaster of the Forge


31S86c0be.pngRomancing the Gem


32S538b83.pngDiamond in the Rough


44S6d6140.pngSome of this, some of that


46Sdfc1e1.pngjack of all trades


The lower tier trophies related to skills (such as crafting an item with blacksmithing) will come here as well if you haven't already gotten them.


Spend skill points as you wish until you reach level 17 (I recommend detect hidden, persuasion and/or dispelling), once at 17 make a save file and head to a fateweaver, there is one in the House of Ballads. Reset your skills. Once your skills are unbound reset them to level 8 in the Sagecraft skill and use the sagecraft bench in the same area. Craft a prestine shard with 2 lambient shards, then craft an epic gem with 2 prestine shards. At this point you can either reload your save, or continue on, for time purposes, if you have enough gold, just keep going.


Use the fateweaver again and fast travel to a location with a blacksmith forge. Put 8 skill points into blacksmithing and craft an item that uses all 5 slots (one of the 5 icons to the right of the item will be black with a red border if you lack an item) if you see all 5, craft it and you will get your trophy.


Visit a fateweaver again and do the same thing for alchemy. Use an essence of fate (4 are used to make a fate potion) to craft something and you get the trophy. You can now reload your save and keep all your money and skills as they were. I do recommend having a higher alchemy skill as this helps with the Green Thumb trophy.


Jack of all trades and Some of this, some of that may have unlocked naturally for you during play. But if you were 100% focused on one class type, its a good idea to knock these two out of the way as well.


Anyway, that's it. You can knock out 6 trophies in a matter of minutes this way without effecting the way you want to play. Have fun!


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