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Hello all, was an avid forum user back in the day of the PS2 era, so a nostalgic wave is hitting me with using forums again in some capacity.


I claim to be a trophy hunter, but I've become quite unsuccessful in really making any strides at it. Some games I want to get the Platinum but they become so incredibly mundane or tedious that I just have to bail. 😆


I remember getting the platinum in Lego Marvel, and I was so incredibly burned out of it that it was out of my console, wrapped into a bubble mailer, and listed for sale on amazon within about 15 seconds of the Platinum trophy popping. Sold within a couple of hours as I intentionally made it the cheapest used copy available. I needed the game GONE! I don't tend to sell games off upon completing them, but this one had to go.


While I am a PlayStation kid at heart (been gaming on PS since mid late 90s), oddly enough I actively collect original Xbox games. I've always had this admiration for the og Xbox (loved the console), and have always wanted to collect for something - seemed like a perfect match. The initial goal is to get a unique copy of every game released in the USA (regular copy, platinum hit copy, special edition, doesn't matter right now). I don't know where I stand at that, but my overall collection should hopefully reach around 500 at some point this year. If I ever accomplish the goal, would love to go for the PSP next.


I don't play much multiplayer these days, so any games that require MP trophies I tend to just assume the Platinum is unobtainable. It really depends on what kind of requirements there are. Games like NFS Heat weren't that demanding online, and I got that done with little boosting required (just the clan one was a drag without boosting).


Nothing is more annoying though than a game being single player only and having online trophies/achievements.


Feel free to add to PSN, I could use the leaderboard fodder to see how bad I stack up to others in racers, shooters, etc... 😉


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