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'Optimal' Trophy and power-up lens not unlocking

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After capturing the remaining spirits and reached 233/233 COMPLETE status in game menu during my second playthrough (HARD difficulty), 'Optimal' (festival) power-up lens didn't unlock ingame, along with the trophy not popping either. The unlock requirements is captures all the spirits which is in total 233 of them, which is something I HAVE done.


Some players in Psnine community also reported the same glitch happened to them randomly, especially in PS4 version, however I encountered this glitch in PS5 version too, tried to reload saves and defeat the final boss again, but no luck.


Hopefully someone have solved this problem and it would make my day if you share your solution to me, to us. Thanks.

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Supposedly your total high score from shots on the Ghost List when you’re in the menu has to be over 1m+ to get the Optimal Upgrade, as well as a completed Ghost List.


It’ll say your Points Total in the top-right corner. Mine was at almost 6 million after playing through on each difficulty. You can earn like 200,000 per Crush shot if you’re lucky.


So maybe try that? 

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