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Eos: Kett Base - Insanity Mode

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Hello all,


Not sure if anyone will respond to this due to the reputation and age of the game, but wanted to ask a question in regards to this section. On Insanity mode I have found myself getting to a point, unable tp progress due to difficulty and then reload and do missions elsewhere. 


I'm now level 27 soldier and thought I would have stood a better chance at this base but its still not the case. I have got it down to the point where I can get to the boss at the bottom of the base, but then if she gets near or fires a shot at me it still kills me in one hit. I have drain and all sorts of great upgrades, but the lack of ability to save or even a check point before the boss makes me wonder if this is even worth attempting. 


I've done it on a precious account but I just cannot get anything done this time around. Any advice would be appreciated if you guys still play the game. 

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