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Prof. Run with only 15 saves needed for the plat?


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On 4-4-2023 at 7:16 PM, I-Kami-I said:


Thank you!

And exactly that. And no, bonus/unlockable weapons are good to go for S+ ranks. The only requirements are time and for professional the extra 15 saves limit.


Good luck on your attempts!

Any tips on where to use the 15 saves for Pro S+?

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58 minutes ago, kweetniet56 said:

Any tips on where to use the 15 saves for Pro S+?


My last S+ rank in which I did better was:

1st Save: Chapter 1 completion (or at merchant at chapter 2)

2nd Save: Chapter 2 completion

3rd Save: Chapter 3 right before getting fuel at fish farm (good choice because it can and will cause problems)

4th Save: Chapter 4 completion (only one encounter getting a key item + boss, which I kill with rocket launcher)

5th Save: Chapter 5 completion (chapter is not long and all encounter until cabin siege can be skipped)

6th Save: Chapter 6 completion (or at merchant in chapter 7 - split save here to save time). Bolt thrower can be set up to do some damage to chainsaw sisters and Mendez.

7th Save: Chapter 7 completion

8th Save: Chapter 8 completion (use grenades to skip the sun/moon puzzle)

9th Save: Chapter 9 completion

10th Save: Chapter 10 before double garrador fight

11th Save: Chapter 11 before cart ride (before something stupid happens. Used rocket launcher for double giant boss - shoot the nacked one first to kill both)

12th Save: Chapter 12 completion (or merchant at chapter 13)

13th Save: Chapter 13 completion (chapter is a bit long but not hard with chicago sweeper)

14th Save: Chapter 14 completion or before Krauser if you are not sure about his fight (either use door skip or do without. If done without skip, have 5 grenades ready to destroy wall at first hit)

15th Save: Chapter 15 completion or before final dash to altar. Use 1 heavy and 1 normal grenade for AA gun.


Chapter 16 does not really need a save because it's too short and Saddler is killed with rocket launcher.


Hope, that gives you an idea. 

Just for you to know: the first time on PS5 I ran out of saves right at chapter 14 before Krauser and still managed it. So don't be all too afraid.

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Attempting to combine the S+ Pro using no special items or perks, only the DLC Gun. My save split so far:

Save 1: Chapter 3 before the fish farm

Save 2: Chapter 4 end after saving Ashley from Church

Save 3: After Cabin fight

Save 4: Before Mendez (I completed Village section at 1h 38min)

Save 5: Before the Water Hall (This was ridiculously difficult)

Save 6: Chapter 7 End (After Water Hall)

Save 7: Right before the segment you play as Ashley after collecting the three statue heads (This is where I am right now, my time so far is 2h 20min)


My plan going forward: 


Save 8: Beginning of mine (Rocket Launcher #1 for Verdugo)

Save 9: Before Krauser knife fight

Save 10: Before Salazar (Golden egg for Salazar)

Save 11: Before Regenerators

Save 12: Before Krauser boss (Rocket Launcher #2 for Krauser)

Save 13: Beginning of Chapter 15

Save 14: Middle of Chapter 15

Save 15: Before Saddler (Rocket Launcher #3 for Saddler) 


I find the run to be extremely difficult and I can only recommend it to those that really want a challenge. I have seen posts saying that the game lets up after the Village, but I disagree. Maybe it does with the Sweeper but with standard guns I find the Castle - especially the water hall - to be very tough. 


Let's see if I can make it through or if I have to come back with the Sweeper at a later point :)

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