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Hacking, boosting, cross saving is it all the same?


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Everyone seems to have their own morale code on what to play/plat and what makes you a good 'trophy hunter' and what makes you a bad or cheap one, it's all subjective; keeping that in mind, where do you guys stand on hacking, boosting and cross saving?


Me personally, maybe I'll get some grief for this, but I don't see much of a difference between hacking and boosting, granted there's a difference; but if someone hacks online trophies to get them and some one boosts for them, both are cutting corners to get the trophies, one is just a lot lazier than the other. As for cross saves, too me that's almost as bad as hacking, it's still cheating for points and it's taking advantage of the system and getting trophies you didn't earn.


Fez ins't allowing the whole cross save thing, I think that's a good move to be honest. 


I'm open to have my mind changed on this, hence why I'm asking, what are your thoughts? Is boosting and cross saving ok on your morale compass? Are they all as bad as each other? Granted we don't care about each others opinions and morale compasses but it's still cool to know where others stand on it.

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