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Tips for the Secret level Crystals

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The site doesn't let you to write tips for specific trophies without creating a whole guide.

Some of the secret levels are really hard to get by playing alone, and you need someone online that's willing to play and repeat and do all the miss and trial stuff without quitting the game and leaving you alone again.

But while playing online, when I got the Trophy in January of 2014, there was a little bug that you can use and abuse, but its based on luck mostly.

You can experience a lot of lag on the online game, but you can use that to your advantage. How? by jumping.

If you jump while you're standing on the other player's head and he jumps at the same time and you're experiencing lag online, it may happen that the game will think that both of you will be on another height and you can do like "double jumps" or even more, reaching those crystal without even playing trough the puzzle. Of course it's not fun to undergo the trials and puzzles that way, but some of them require really good coordination with your partner and exploiting this lag bug will help you a lot.


So resuming, while experiencing online lag, use it to your advantage. Jump while on the other player's head at the same time and both can reach higher heights because of the lag and picking those crystals


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The only crystal that gave me trouble is crystal 2 (level 3). There is actually an "easy" way to do it:

  1. Obb must stand on the right side of raised ground under the crystal, and try to stay there (Fins will try to knock you off the raised ground).
  2. Ibb knocks ~20-30 Fins from the left side to the raised ground where Obb is standing.
  3. Let Ibb stand on top of Obb, it doesn't matter if you squish some Fin in the progress.
  4. Jump with Obb, then with Ibb and try to land in the group of Fins.
  5. 9 times out of 10 this will send a Fin flying into the air real high, hopefully hitting the crystal.

This will take a couple of tries but it is easier then juggling a Fin.

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