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OMG Yes!!!

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After all this time, finally we get to see Pursuit Force playable on today's consoles.

I really hope PF2 will come out later, I absolutely loved these games back in the day ?

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11 hours ago, Miles-MHunter said:

Yes, give PSP  some love! PF is great. I hope they will release Twisted Meal Head-On, Motorstorm Arctic Edge and Wipeout Pure/Pulse too


Vice City Stories as well, it was originally mean to be released same as VC III and SA but no news since.

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Platted the game in less than 24 hours.


Was great, I love this game, can't wait for Extreme Justice now!

Only the Hardballs mission was horrible, as I remembered it. The secret is to NOT ditch your police 4x4 at the beginning, else Hardballs will one shot you and even if you find a civilian car, you will lose a tremendous amount of time.


I'm trying to get as many As as possible now, wish me luck lol

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