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Layers of fear 2023 trophies revealed

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The whole story Earn all trophies icon
A piece of the story Collect a piece of the story icon
Something important Collect an item icon
Sign of weakness Destroy one of the objects with light icon
The art of movement Make the mannequin play icon
Face your fears See your enemy and fail icon
Refuse to look Avoid your enemy icon
Do what you have to Find something to hold her back icon
Another perspective Find something to hold it back icon
Heavy Burden Go through the Hypnotic Maze icon
True Reflection Complete Writer’s Story icon
It's covered up for a reason Get working on your Magnum Opus icon
You might have a problem Gather 12 drawings of the rodents icon
The artist’s impression Collect a rat sketch icon
Immortalized in my heart Gather 12 family mementos icon
Scraps of love Find a memento of your family icon
Whispers long forgotten Gather 42 whisper items icon
It was worth a try Dial 911 icon
Instinct of self-preservation Heed the warning icon
Wanderer Take a thousand steps icon
Finished it Finish the Magnum Opus icon
Letting Go Break the loop icon
Lights, Camera, Action! Begin shooting your movie icon
Body of Work Bring 11 movie posters to your cabin icon
Debut Find your first movie poster icon
A Mosaic of Misery View 8 photo slides in your cabin icon
A Slice of Life Find your first photo slide icon
Full Scoop Listen 4 phonograph interviews icon
Sound Bite Use the phonograph icon
Fisherman Spot something through spyglass icon
The Perfect Storm Send out an SOS icon
Rocket Science Journey through space without hitting a single obstacle icon
In One Take Get through the set without getting caught in the lights icon
Se7en Seas Save all the lost souls icon
We Are Not Alone Bring 3 mysterious items to your cabin icon
You Can’t Handle the Truth Decrypt a mysterious item icon
Casting Finished Make the final decision icon
I remember It Like Was Yesterday Recall 6 of your childhood memories icon
The Big Picture Assemble all the puzzle pieces icon
Preferred Parent Stuck to one parent’s side through the entirety of the quarrel vision. icon
Sword of the Serpent Slay the evil serpent roaming the land of the fables. icon
Once Upon a Time Watch the entire Little Red Riding Hood story icon
Inheritance Get your inheritance icon
The Tree and the Apple Discover your true inheritance icon
First steps Make the first step towards freedom icon
Breaking free Break the first chain icon
Something to think about Collect 11 items icon
Dark correspondence Collect 32 notes icon
Tough conversation Live through the first conversation icon
Playtime Live through the second conversation icon
A new way Live through the third conversation icon
The tragedy unfolds See the end of Musician’s story icon
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