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Capped out problem


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Any ideas about the minimum badges/type/any info about capped out trophy? I miss only this trophy and i complete all the badge with not one, but two players, and still do not pop. 2k reply "no idea".

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I can put some input to this since I just got it and didn't get it when I maxed my last badge.

Basically what happened, was in practice, doing the free throw drill, got past the final level up for my 20th shooting badge and no trophy popped.

I read online that if you swap badges and exit (from what I presumed was just exiting the badge selection back to menu), it'll eventually pop. Tried a few times and didn't work. After a bit of more research and messing around, this is what worked:

I went to my defensive badges since I had a lot of those and I got rid of every badges I had assigned but I didn't exit to the menu. Instead I quit the game, rebooted the game and then once I clicked my player, the trophy popped instantly. Not sure if it needs to be the most badges you had in one category that you need to take away before you quit the game since I had 22 defensive badges but I can say that I did this WITHOUT the Gym Rat Badge.

Hope that helps some people :)

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