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'Squad Goals' trophy - need help

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I have question about trophy "Squad Goals" - "Win an Episode as part of a party of 3 or more players".


This is the last trophy I have missing in this game :/


Am I wrong or play "a party" means I need at least 2 friends (or better 3) playing with me? Is not possible to create 'a party' with random unknown players?


So it's a small problem cause I have no friends playing this game :/ Maybe here we can find a few persons with the same problem and wanted to became my friends to fight about this trophy together?
Please send me invitations :)

Or maybe it is possible to reach this goal any other way, because such strange ideas?

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To get this trophy you need to form a party with 2-3 other people before entering a game, and then win a match. The trophy should unlock for everyone in the squad.


It’s been a long time so I can’t actually remember if it was possible to match up with randoms in the squad menu, hopefully someone else can chime in there. But in my opinion the easiest way to do it is to join a boosting group with a few other players who are also trying to get the trophy.


If you look at the bar at the top of the website, on the far right-hand side there’s a button called “Sessions” which is where you can go to create and/or join boosting groups for any game or trophy you might be after.


I took a peek and there’s currently 1 group recruiting for the ‘Squad Goals’ trophy in Fall Guys. I’d recommend joining the group and messaging this guy:



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It's very easy. Go to Gaming Sessions here on psnprofiles, set up a session for Fall Guys and once 2 people have joined, complete 1 custom event in Fall Guys together (form a party before playing an event!) and you'll get the trophy.

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