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[Video] ? Platinum Walkthrough | Post Void


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"POST VOID is a mesmerizing amalgamation of early first-person shooters that prioritizes speed over all else. Fill the bust and go all the way. End it all to set things right. Beat your own record or try again .


In this frenetic and surreal FPS, the rules are very simple: beat levels and try to reach the end of the void in one try. At the end of each level you will get upgrades, but the only way to survive is to keep killing so that the life of the bust does not run out. POST VOID is pure adrenaline and frenetic action that requires speed, skill and determination.


It's an all-out war against your senses, from its daring visuals with hypnotic animations to its unstoppable torrent of action."



Post Void ?

  • Estimated Difficulty: 4/10 (with guide)
  • Trophies: 7 Trophies.
  • Online Trophies: 0 Trophies.
  • Approximate Time: 10 Min. (If you get it on the first try).
  • Lost Trophies: No (following the guide)
  • Glitch Trophies: No
  • Difficulty Affects Trophies: No.
  • Price: €5.49
  • Different Lists: No


Obtaining 100% of the POST VOID trophies is relatively easy, although this game has its own, to begin with we must have each of its weapons at least once, the pistol, the weapon we started with, the knife, the shotgun and the uzi, we must select these last three as an improvement, after completing each of its levels we will have the possibility of "improving" our character, either by selecting these weapons (necessary for the trophy) or with new attributes, more bullets or a faster reload among other things.


Throughout the different levels we will also get the Playlist trophy, which only asks that we listen to all the songs in the game, this trophy will come out naturally, on the other hand, there is a trophy of dying 20 times and finally there are the 4 “story” trophies, complete all 3 acts and the final level.


The best advice I can give is that we must not go crazy without control, we must kill everything that moves and the essential Build is to have the shotgun with explosive ammo and bouncing bullets, with this plus some improvements of fast reloading and more liquid in the idol we will be almost unstoppable, at least it was the build that helped me complete the game.


Without further ado I leave you with the Gameplay.

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