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Amnesia: The Bunker 100% Guide | Collectibles - Notes - Dog Tags - Vents - Chains - Trophies - etc.

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This video will cover ALL Collectibles and trophies for your first playthrough of Amnesia: The Bunker. This All-In-One Collectible Guide will show where to locate them all, as well as where to complete various miscellaneous trophies.


Locating all Collectibles is required for the following trophies:

- 52 Notes – Librarian

- 16 Photos – Unknown whether these are required for Librarian :silver: , these mostly provide hints - 11 Lockers – Codebreaker - 20 Dog Tags – technically not all needed, but 11 will have locker codes required for Codebreaker

- 5 Maps – Cartographer

- 7 Pocket Bags – Pack Rat

- 7 Vents & 6 Chains – Cleithrophobist

+ 13 Misc Trophies – Nope C'est Trop!, Easy Breather, Flint & Steel, Canonnier, Toy Collector, Sentimentalist, Toy Fanatic, Shell Shocked, Ratter, Life Preserver, Beast Master, Saboteur, Improviser


There are still a few trophies beside the ones listed above, they will most likely come naturally or be farmed from the final autosave. You may need to load for burning around 12 bodies for the trophy Roastmaster. The Bunker is open for you to explore however you please, with one central area and five other areas you can visit. Once you have full access to the bunker you can travel everywhere, so none of the collectibles are missable.




? Amnesia: The Bunker - 100% WALKTHROUGH Playlist:


? Amnesia: The Bunker - TROPHY GUIDES Playlist:


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