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UFC 64: Unstoppable


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With no actual players around, it should be boostable. You would need a couple of people for it though, since you can't match up with the same person twice in a row. I think there need to be 2-3 other fights inbetween, so around 4-5 people needed.

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If you are three people, A, B, C, with you being A, you can fight B, then C. After that, you will not be able to fight C. I'm not sure if you will be able to fight B, I think there needs to be one more fight inbetween before you can match up with B again.


Two other people would be enough if your daily goals only consist of reaching a certain number of takedowns, strikes, and such. Completing 7 fights for examlpe would not be possible in that scenario obviously.

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Hay guys, Count me in for this. I'm doing it on a seccondary account because I want to do the world record speed run. I'm sure I can do it since ages but actually never tried until now.

I got one friend only but I was wondering exactly this, if there was a secure for not playing 2 times in a row with a single match. Hopefully we can use different accounts on the same PlayStation console and fight in between, right?

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