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Don't buy Payday 3


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Payday 3 releases this September from what I been told. I'm asking that you not buy it. 


I played and got every trophy for Payday 2 and I wrote a majority of the guides for this site but after how console was treated with PD2, I can't justify giving them my money.


When payday 2 was released for the PS3 he got a few updates but was more or less quickly abandoned. The developer saying that they couldn't do or give the game any more updates because of the console restraints. 


Soon after the game was released for the PS4 and it did get a lot of updates but it never reached anywhere near what PC was. There was so many updates that we never got and once again they abandoned us. Took our money and ran. This was even worse for the switch players, they got it worse.


The reason they said is it was hard to make the game for consoles and abandoned the ps4. It's no secret that they love the PC community more than console and that's absolutely fine, I get it that the PC community is their player base. But then don't say that the game is hard to make for consoles and then turn around and make the next game for consoles. 


Players of PD2 fell for this not once but twice and I don't want there to be a third time. Don't buy Payday 3 unless you want to see the PC community get 20 updates while you get one and then a few years later you get abandoned with a incomplete game.

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