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Four Job Fiesta


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I created a new account which will only have RPGs on it, and I wanted to have my first six platinums be the FF Pixel Remasters there. Then I decided that for my second FFV platinum I'd do the Four Job Fiesta.




This is basically a challenge that the FFV community does yearly which involves restricting yourself to four jobs and you must unlock the jobs via the crystals.


Anyone else do this challenge? If not, I challenge you to try it when you go for this title's platinum. ;)

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I do it — this will be either my third or fourth Fiesta, though in the past I've always used an emulated SNES copy.  


I'd read that the inaugural team run was supposed to start today and that the Fiesta itself would begin afterward, but I just discovered that the Fiesta itself had already started sometime today!

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This will be my third year participating. I chose to do a "Meteor Run" this time, this picks from any job from any crystal, including Freelancer and Mime. So far I have Berserker and Freelancer. Terrible luck. 

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