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Struggling At This Game

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Hello there fellow Trophy Hunters :)

I’m struggling a lot with the campaign with getting all the objectives (stars) done. I’m finding this really difficult and I can’t seem to find much information out there as in guides and walkthroughs.

So my beautiful people if anybody has any tips or tricks or any information at all that could help me achieve this platinum I’d greatly appreciate it :) 

Happy Hunting!

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Use the frontier workshop for the coaster blueprints... if they don't show up in your coaster build section, check the research tab and research the coasters as they become available.

Once you have researched the correct coaster then the abailty to build it will appear in the coaster section.

Hardest level for me was the Goldmine, took me three days to get that one right...


How far have you got already?

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Without any more specifics it's hard to offer detailed advice. However...


For some objectives, just use the frontier workshop to download the necessary rides.


Staff management is pretty critical. It's easy to hire too many and have them drain resources.


Use your paths to guide your guests past other things on the way to your most people rides. Have your shops and smaller rides on the walk to what guests come for.

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As people have mentioned above, if you’re having issues with rollercoasters then look up player made ones based on the name of the scenario you are doing. There will most likely be coasters for every scenario. As far as money goes, download the calculator in this link and use it to set the prices for your rides and you’ll be rolling in money that makes it so much easier to buy things to keep customers happy. I found this calculator when I was most of the way to the platinum and it made the remaining scenarios so much easier as the biggest issue with your parks is having enough money.

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Can someone explain to me how theft works, in the Downtown career park in particular? I have 40 (yes, 40) security guards, at least half of whom have been trained to max level. Guest happiness is at 90%. I'm marketing so that families mostly visit my park, not teens. I installed security cameras basically everywhere. Yet for some reason about 6% of my guests get robbed every month; nowhere near low enough to get the 2% required for the gold star on that park.


So uh, what the hell? Literally nothing I do has any effect on the amount of crime. Am I missing something? Every YouTube guide I've visited just says useless stuff like "make sure to buy 3 or 4 security guards if you're having trouble with crime!"


Edit: Ah, so it's just completely buggy. Cool. I quit and re-loaded my save and crime was instantly at 1.1% and stayed there. So uh... I guess if this happens to anyone else just quit and re-load.

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