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Review Codes Giveaways (A Castle Full of Cats PS4)


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2 hours ago, Breakingthegreen said:

I'm gonna write my review, just because:


This is a review of A Castle Full of Cats, played to 100% completion on PS4 without use of a guide (except for kitten no. 4 who I couldn't find)


I have also played and reviewed the first game in this franchise which I stated should more be seen as a vessel for a cat charity, is this one better? Long story short, Yes. Would I have bought it... maybe on a sale. 


Don't take that as an automatic slight, I rarely play hidden object games and this sequel is very much still a hidden object game.


Let's talk difference between first and second game: in the original there were only 6 major areas to look for the cats, most having 61 cats, and most having the exact same structure (large room + bathroom) but in castle each room is treated as it's one individual area and there a lot more of them, in fact my play time was over double 1hr 45min. Rooms can now be searched vertically as well as horizontally, which does make the game tougher to keep track of, but is more fun than the original's rigid layouts. 


This game introduced a hint system which I very much needed, but it has a level two upgrade that is easily missable and was one of the last things I found. 


The major improvement is the introduction of context, there's a reason we're finding cats, to help lift a curse. And the finale actually feels like an ending rather than just choosing to adopt the cat. The story isn't exactly mind blowing, but it's presence gave me more drive to finish. 


Something that's absent however, is the hidden cat's in the options & pause menus which was such a neat little easter egg.


Now my major problem with the original was the lack of screen scaling, which caused me to click around the borders of my TV, has this been fixed? No. Did I need to randomly click around the borders? Yes. Definitely annoying.


It's still very much a donation game (since profits go to helping stray cats), but it is also a improvement over the original, it's not a must buy, but there's no reason to avoid it if you're looking for a short cheap game.


I think they wanted us to post our reviews here.




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