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Platin possible?


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I've been trying to figure out how to get this trophy Xbox seemed to have it unlocked but no one on ps have it unlocked I've tried absolutely everything I've even messaged the development team with no joy

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  • 4 weeks later...

Unsure if the patch which fixed the trophy also broke the game if you start with a Cat shelter. I just got the game while it was on sale and now am stuck. No matter what I do, the task "Take in a new cat" just will not complete. It's the one right after you finish the task of building the clinic. Anyone else had that problem? I did a quick google and it seems this only occurs if you start with a cat shelter. So unless anyone knows another way around it, it looks like I am starting again with a dog shelter.

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Here are some more bugs I've run into while going for this platinum that might be good to keep an eye out for:

  • Level 3 cat cages are glitched as heck. Something about them and the save/load process duplicates the actual cages/rooms and doesn't assign the litter boxes, toys, food, and water correctly every time. As much as they look better, I'd recommend avoiding using that building.
  • I lost 2 runs to a glitch that resets my walls/expansion and wouldn't let me enter any buildings. That seems to be avoidable if you turn off autosave and always use the quit to menu option before loading or closing the game. Just make sure you are saving often.
  • One time I got stuck because I tried to put a dog into the van to be adopted earlier than it was ready for. It glitched out and wouldn't let me put the dog in the van anymore. To avoid this, most likely just make sure that the van door is fully opened before trying to put them in.

Overall I've had luck following the info from true achievements guides on this, but for world first place it says I need over 100k rep, not the 25k rep that the guide for that mentions. Will report back when I get there whether or not it'll pop 😂

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