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PSA: Make sure you play on Easy


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Bear Your Soul High is currently at 0% which might imply that it is bugged, but from all accounts I've seen it ain't. No one has simply beaten it due to it's difficulty. 

The mission Pandemonium unlocks after interacting with a panel in the area DDO Basepoint, after beating the Soul Prison area, and then beating the mission Primal Soul. The Primal Soul mission is hard enough on it's own, but Pandemonium is apparently even worse as it contains consecutive fights against the post game bosses who on their own are hard enough.


Having played the game on Hard Mode I'm now stuck and can't even unlock the mission as the difficulty is far too high, and you can't change your game's difficulty once you've started. Apparently, a Japanese player managed to clear it on Hard (on another platform), but I've not seen evidence of that myself, simply what I've been told. As such, play on Easy. Do not think that it can't be that bad and Normal should be fine, just play on Easy as it'll be bad enough on that if Pandemonium is what I've been told it is. Steam also has comments from players there that they, on Easy, can barely cope with Primal Soul who again, is going to be nothing compared to Pandemonium (wouldn't be surprised if Primal Soul was straight up a wave in it too).


The game from my experience on Hard is pretty well balanced in the story and isn't unfair. However, as you go through the post game it only gets more and more unfair. The first blow is they throw enemies at you that have x3 the health (more attack too, but the length of the fights tends to be a bigger issue), which in a game where you have limited resources in fights is nasty on its own. If you get past that then they'll throw waves of these x3 health enemies which is ridiculous. Playing the game on Easy will mean that the main campaign might end up a bit unsatisfying difficulty wise, but it is the only way for the post game to not be at straight up impossible difficulty.


I've asked if there is plans for a patch that will allow you to change your difficulty or do so through NG+ and got told that there isn't, so if you've started non-Easy playthroughs and intend to 100% the game at some point, then there is little point continuing. This could always change in the future of course, but right now that is unlikely.


Of course, with all the above said, it is possible that everyone is simply missing some super special awesome set up that heavily reduces the difficulty. I noticed in one of the optional fights where they did a move that hit 5 times and lowered a stat by 20% each time, meaning I had yes, a -100% stat debuff that means that the stat became completely useless. It is possible that you have to make heavy use of de/buffs on your characters to get by these fights. The problem with that is you need to get the necessary soulbits to get such things set up, I don't recall if I've even the necessary soulbits as drops from enemies.


EDIT: Easy makes you able to actually get the 100% thankfully.

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On 4/12/2024 at 2:27 PM, Angulus said:

The recently guide put a 10/10 difficulty on this game. Is it really that difficult to get all trophies? 😐


Only one trophy has difficulty. If you take into account; the trophy seemingly being bugged and not requiring you to actually beat the final mission, you having an exploit for the last boss you need to beat, and being on Easy, then no it isn't 10/10 and would be lower. You just have to beat a long fight where luck can go against you and the boss either spams the nastier moves it has or it doesn't stay weak to all damage for long, thereby grinding you down. On difficulties above Easy you're dealing with the boss doing significantly more damage and your deck refreshes being far more expensive (25% your health on Normal, 50% on Hard). You can't always count on having healing available, but even if you did you're dealing with limited SP... which you can restore with items, whose usages are limited.


I don't rate game difficulty based off easy modes, though I considered differently for this one considering the harder modes appear impossible. That said, a lower rating could lead someone to think they'd be fine on Normal/Hard, so I rated it high to try and avoid people wasting their time.

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