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WARNING Undead nightmare is still glitched in the new PS4 port.


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29 minutes ago, KidExtazy said:

So I already got the main game trophies and Im about to start Undead Nightmare but Ive seen some people talking about glitched trophies that stop you from getting the plat.

Anyone knows which ones are troublesome? Guides for the plat dont mention specific trophy glitches

I recently got the plat. Nothing glitched on me. Although, I did have some trouble finding 2 of the horses.

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On 10/28/2023 at 5:12 PM, Matthew said:

Getting the unicorn is necessary yes. Before that spawns you have to kill the chupacabra.


I've been trying to find the f***** chupacabra for 3 hours now. This is not normal, I think there's something wrong. It's literally the only thing I need to do in Undead Nightmare Im so pissed. I think it is glitched this trophy.


I'm literally desperate.



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