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Are you a true Final Fantasy Fan? Showing Off my Collection


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WOWW! That's one of the best collections I've ever seen! Love those old Nintendo boxes and the Lightning PS3 is just so beautiful. 


Question: Why are those PS4 in the last row inside a plastic box? and.. do you plan on buying the FFxDragon Quest 30th Anniversary?

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16 hours ago, Massacrer2022 said:

Age 41, Spent so many years collecting Final Fantasy Games. Now I got all of them to show off.




Us other ff fans must seem like normies compared to you!🤣 Superb collection my friend!

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Wow amazing! i love FF too, although i have nowhere near as much as you. 


I speak Japanese so I have many of the Ultimania Omega books as I like reading those, I have the ones for the FF13 trilogy, X, X-2 and XII. I also have the FFX-2.5 novel which was the worst book I ever read and destroyed the story, and also all three novella of the FF13 series, which were pretty good. I also have the game guide books for the three FF13 games, and FFX-2s PS2 game guide. 


As for games, I actually sold a lot of games and some are digital, but for physical I have the JP versions of FFX/X-2 on vita, FF13 trilogy and FF15, and the EU PS2 version of FFX-2. The rest are digital, where I have FF8, 9 and VII Remake. 


For merch, in Japan I bought a few plushies like moogle, chocobo, Lightning, a few FF13 wall scrolls from years ago, and some stationary like clear files, notebooks, coin pouches and key chains. 


I have been to the Final Fantasy Eorza cafe and the Artnia Square enix shop and cafe a few times in Tokyo as well, so have accumulated some free coasters from those visits.  

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