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Warning: Firing on All Cylinders Trophy Bug


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Other than the platinum, the rarest trophy for Zombie Town is Firing on all cylinders. I believe this is due to a bug.


Purchase all five weapons for Firing on all cylinders BEFORE buying maximum weapon upgrades for any gun. Reaching max level with the Pistol caused Zombie Town to bug out and delete the Purchase option for all other weapons. While I was still able to purchase all characters, the game removed the "Purchase" option for the Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Semi-Auto Rifle, and Machine Gun. This prohibited me from completing Firing on all cylinders. I had to delete my save (losing all my upgrades and characters), then re-start the game from the beginning. 


I am not certain if completing Max and Max Max (purchase one/all upgrades for one character) causes Zombie Town to bug out. On my second playthrough, I was able to upgrade Dealer to level 6 without triggering the bug, though I did not upgrade anything on the blue Heroes tab. Also, I did not upgrade any weapons until I had purchased all four additional weapons and this kept me clear of the Firing on all cylinders bug.

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