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Twos company, fours a party


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I’ve previously earned all lbp3 dlc trophies on the ps3 version while the servers were still up. And because I unlocked the pins there, they sync with my ps4 profile making them all glitched. I basically have to delete my save and play offline to earn any of these trophies. 

So my question is: will I need 4 controllers to get this trophy? Or is there a workaround for this? I only have 1 controller atm and really don’t wanna go buy more for a trophy

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Yeah, it looks like you will need to have four controllers, unfortunately. If you know anyone in real life who owned a PS4, you could ask them if you can borrow their controllers to earn the trophy. If not, you will unfortunately need to purchase more controllers in order to fill the other player slots, since you cannot connect online without syncing the in-game Pin to your profile.

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