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Trophies not available (PS4)


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Hey guys, I'm sure someone already have asked about this before, but I couldn't find any post about this. So I bought a DBH recently, disc version, from a friend. I played it for a few hours but forgot about it later because I didn't like it. Then I got a new console and tried playing it again on a new profile.

(The old one was my brother's) I wanted to play DBH again but I can't get any trophies, dunno why..

Anyone knows how to fix that? It doesn't even show that there are any trophies available like in other games

Thanks for the help :)

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Sorry guys, BDH is typo

13 hours ago, Camokidd87 said:

I have no clue what DBH or BDH is but if youre on a new console and new profile maybe its not showing because you have not signed up or signed in to the Playstation network yet?

No, I’ve signed in to PSN. Trophies for Lego Marvel superheroes and Fall Guys work just fine.

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