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How to beat the game in 15 minutes (speedrun trophy)?


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After 9 hours of getting better and upgrading the weapons I was using, I finally beat the game on Relaxed for first time. It took 30 minutes. I have gotten to end boss and lost to him within 25 minutes, so I know that is possible, but how do I speed it up to complete within 15 minutes?


Looking for tips on what weapons to use, which powers to get, and anything else which might not be obvious in what I have learned just trying to complete the game without getting defeated (where I probably do play more cautiously).

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The hardest ones by far are this (under 15-minutes speedrun), sword god, and Monk of Rokar. For some reason, Monk of Rokar wasn't that hard for me in the psvr1 version, but in psvr2 it was a real annoyance to get through that, even with both level X crests, and with full understanding of how to use them and their supers. The one that gave me the most trouble however was this new "speedrunnest" trophy. I even got it to 15:15 in my best attempt (on Relaxed difficulty, obviously) and it honestly seemed impossible for me to get it under that 15 minute mark. Nightmare mode, sword god, and monk of Rokar are hard, but using the "save + reload" method that I mentioned in the other topic, and having level X weapons, they are much more reasonable, because at least you don't have to restart from the beginning of the run. You simply start from the last room that you reached (which can be the final boss, meaning you don't need to redo the whole thing to reach the final boss again).


So, eventually I got the light bulb moment, because I seriously went after that "speedrunnest" thing without any "save + reload" at first, and using my favorite weapons. The result? It didn't work. The best run I got by far was 15:15, with the 2 gemini weapons, doing everything super fast, defeating the 2 first bosses first and then restarting (to save more time you want a run WITHOUT boss 1 and 2 in the way, so defeat them first, then lose on purpose and restart from the beginning to do the speedrun WITHOUT bosses 1 and 2). But even that wasn't enough to reach 15:00.

"So now what??!" I asked. Critical thinking time ladies and gentlemen, lol 😁😎


Light bulb moment number 1 is that you can use the "save+reload" idea during the speedrun too, even if you didn't get anywhere close to losing. So, if you feel you wasted extra time to clear one particular room, you can use save+reload and redo it to get that room done in less time. During the speedrun, you can press the options button to check how you are doing with the time. You will need to reach the room of the final boss with no more then 11:00 to ensure that you will be able to finish it with less than 15:00.

My 2nd light bulb moment was looking for the video of the "world record speedrun" for Until You Fall on relaxed difficulty. I don't need to tell you that whoever did that has a PhD in Until You Fall and probably played this game 20 times more than you and me combined. That dude did it in 9:48 with all 3 bosses included. So, what is the secret? (other than playing Until You Fall for an unbelievable amount of time) The secret is using the new hammer weapon and the rokari keenblade, both at level X. That combination does a ton of damage because the hammer does a ton of damage AND the level X rokari keenblade makes the hammer start with a 4-hit combo from the very beginning. The hammer also makes you do more guard damage with the dashes and the rokari blade rises your number of dashes too. So, it really is a super combo to deal with this game. You will just have to get used to holding and using the hammer well (it's a 2-handed weapon), but when you do, you will be clearing rooms ultra fast with that combination. I genuinely think that it is the easiest way to get the speedrun done. I tried other combinations when I was experimenting without using save+reload and, although it's quite doable to get less than 20:00 with any weapon (if you are good enough and fast), I didn't get anywhere close to 16:00 territory with anything other than hammer+rokari keenblade and with the 2 gemini weapons (all at level X, and with bosses 1 and 2 cleared previously).


So, there you have it. In short, use the hammer and rokari blade at level X, and use the save+reload method whenever you feel that you could have cleared this current room a lot faster than you did (so save+reload before you leave the room!). You know you are going to go under that 15-minute mark if you reach the final boss with 11:00 or less on the clock. So, simply put, clear the other 19 rooms in less than 11 minutes. I recommend equipping the hammer in your right hand, if you are right-handed, then holding the bottom in place with your left hand and swinging the rest of the hammer left-right, up-down, or diagonally, with your right hand. Also, don't forget that you can still use the rokari keenblade's super (at level 3) to freeze one enemy and to destroy his ENTIRE guard meter, by breaking him from stasis with the lv3-super rokari keenblade (thus, opening the way to finishing that enemy with the hammer immediately). That will help to finish some red knights incredibly fast. This is how: a killer combo with the hammer and the rokari blade is doable if you get the rokari super to level 3 during the run and it is filled up. Let's say you are going to use it on a red knight at full health. You dash and hit with the hammer until your combo is broken because the knight recovered his full guard. But, because you have the rokari super at level 3 and ready to be used, you can let go of the hammer and summon the rokari keenblade, and use its super to put the knight in stasis. Then, hit the knight with the rokari blade again to break stasis. It will destroy his fully recovered guard bar with just 1 hit (because rokari's super is at level 3). Then, let go of the rokari blade, bring back the hammer, do another hammer smash combo, and that's it. You finished a red knight in seconds. That requires level 3 super for rokari keenblade however, so you won't have that at the beginning of the run and you won't be able to use it often, but if you get that setup, it can save time, even during the final boss.


Here's the world record run for your viewing pleasure lol. It will give you high hopes, because it makes it look too easy, but believe me, you will have to get good to get it below 15:00. This is good for tips and entertainment though, and this was what proved to me that hammer+ rokari keenblade was the best combination to get it done:



Ironically, the world record run isn't the most entertaining one I watched. The best run I saw was this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NeK0gMoZqs

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I tried all three of the two-handed weapons since at least for me, they are able to defeat enemies and move through areas fastest.

  • Cold Iron Greataxe
  • Captain's Warhammer
  • Fate's End

I tried using them with either Knight-Blooded Crest or Rokari Keenblade. The combo that seemed most natural for me (physical gameplay) ended up being Cold Iron Greataxe with the Rokari Keenblade. This gave me sufficient attack and blocking, while the others seem stronger at attack, but I was feeling defense weakness.


Anyway, my successful Speedrunnest can be found below:


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