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How Do I get Past the Dream Sequence in LOB As A Fighter?


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I seemed to have reached a roadblock. I'm in Spellhold and there is a dream sequence where you have to lead Bhaal to Imoen. Since I am stuck with just my Fighter, I can't really do anything against him. I went with a fighter so I could equip all that Bhalduran gear, but I seem to be stuck here. I have 3 potions of Extra healing and 2 potions of Invulnerability.


Can't seem to even get halfway down his health bar before I die.



After several hours of prep work and testing things, this is how I did It:

-Potion of Invulnerability

-Potion of Defense

-Potion of Storm Giant Strength

-Have a lot of Potions of Extra Healing & Regeneration

-Forge the Flail of Ages +1

-Equip Balduran Helm, Shield, and Armor


Lure him in front of Imoen to begin the fight, then keep attacking him. Pray for Critical hits, and most importantly, that you inflict Slow. Mix in potions as you take hits, if things get bad, play ring around the stairs and keep gulping down healing potions and letting the regeneration pots tick. Everything potion I mention can be bought from Roger in the Sewers below the Temple area, except the armor, which comes from Adventuremart. Still took me several attempts.

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All of the above plus:

- potions of speed and invisibility

- you should be able to use at least a wand of missiles so get one and sell it then buy it back so its fully charged

- items that summon creatures such as horn of vallhalla (house in the bridge district) djinni bottle(tradesmeet) and book from the mage in brynnlaw

- use your bhaalspawn ability gods might or whatever it was called

Should be an easy clap. 

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