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Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Starring Lara Croft (PS4|PS5) - To have over 200 trophies

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Very good news and the porting is done by Aspyr Media, thats good they have done some very good ports. So a remastered edition of the first three games and Crystal Dynamics make a new entry, i wonder what else Embracer Group will do with the series?.


Also 14th February is Lara birthday, a nice nod.

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10 minutes ago, Sunnyburrito said:

wonder why they didn't bother with Last Revelation and Chronicles

Yeah, I’m a little sad those aren’t included too but hopefully there will be a volume 2 later down the line. I have always been fascinated with Egypt so TLR is a must. Not as fussed about Chronicles tbh but would like it to complete the classics. 

4 minutes ago, EmperorZetta said:

Gimme triple plat

Oh yeah! Really hope they don’t share a trophy list. That would be a downer. 😬

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Hopefully we get The Last Revelation and Chronicles as well eventually. Not the best games but certainly have their place in the original canon. If they could even fix Angel of Darkness so that it is actually playable that would be neat as well.

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This was the biggest surprise......from Nintendo of all people. 


They couldn't add The Last Revelation and Chronicles though? I'd say strange omissions, but considering the industry wants to upsell you on multiple copies of things, having those remastered in a set later down the line, is right in line with all the shady crap today instead of just giving us everything in one package. 


I'll definitely grab this eventually...though the biggest thing that needs to change are the controls. It's the worst thing about going back and trying to play the originals now. If they can modernize those, then this will be great. Graphically though...it weirdly looks great, yet bad at the same time. It's strange...but I welcome this nonetheless. 

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