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Easy “Going for Distance” Trophy


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It seems like this is easily achievable near the start of the game in Chapter 1.


When you’re in the emergency room and the lockdown closes a door on you when you’re talking to another character, Necromorphs will attack.


I was able to TK something sharp and launch them from the door where I was standing, past the little medical booth counter, and into the back of that room.


This was purely by accident, but clearly there’s more than enough space to do this. The Necromorphs also come in a bit further away from you in the room, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get lined up.


I forget what object I used, but I’m fairly certain I grabbed one of their arms and used that. I’d already popped “Taste of your own Medicine” a little earlier in the round Operation Theatre room, but I’m guessing you could knock out both trophies in one go with the above method.

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