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What is best build for camapign


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I used:
Royal Helm (awful for pvp tho)
Warlord's Mantle
Guard's Armor
Dwarven Gloves
Bone Leg Armor
Dwarven Boots

Royal Longsword
Bloodfang Shield
Night Amulet (this one is a lifesaver)
Serpentine Ouroboros
Dragonguard Ring
Warlord's Wrap

Basically I used equipment that will restore my armor and increase power by matching gems if possible and then picked the most useful where it wasn't available. For spells, as a Paladin I used Smite, Purge, Frost Bolt and Divine Steed, it's probably not the best set but the grind in this game is no joke and it carried me through the game, so whatever.

Also the game is really grindy, so you might want to put the last chapter to rest, make new character and start new campaign with it to grind upgrade materials, you can use the same loadout as you main character so you'll cut through the levels like hot knife through butter and you'll pretty much have to do so anyway if you want the platinum, the lvl 50 item grind is insane.

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managed to get the last match done today, thanks for info, I used mostly dragonguard stuff and I could see I was fighting way above my pay grade but manged it.


I might try your build though to see how I go, I'll chuck on here over next few days of the build I used.

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Dragonguard Spaulders L35

Bone mask L35

Dragonguard Tome L35

Warlord's Shield L35

Dragonguard Breastplate L45

Savior's Locket L35

Dwarven Gloves L35

Dragonguard Ring L35

Dragonguard Ring L35

Saviour's Pants L35

Firewalker's Boots L35

Guard's Belt L35



Fireball L45

Soul Siphon L45

Cloudkill L25

Funeral Pyre L35


That's the build I beat the final boss with.

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wrong shield
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