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How to setup a free VPN to get Dominion Trophy

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I just recently got the Trophy for both my PSN accounts by using Tunnel Bear (VPN). I played around 6pm Argentina Time to find some players but if you can't find anyone, I suggest anywhere in South America or Asia Countries. It is ALSO possible to do this with 5 people (including yourself getting this trophy) I can confirm only Argentina and Mexico but I'm pretty sure you can do Japan or Korean too.



- A Laptop (even a Desktop that has WIFI built in) that allows you to connect to your internet via WiFi (pretty sure it's possible through LAN core connected to PS5 but I'm just showing you what I did).

-A Laptop (even a Desktop that has WIFI built in) that allows you to use Mobile Hotspot (You can search it up on the "search" engine right next to the windows icon)

-Tunnel Bear Account (Allowing you to use 2,000MB usage for several game sessions and plenty of VPN countries to choose from)

- Two Controllers and PSN accounts


The Setup:

1. You create an account for Tunnel Bear. and download the launcher.

2. Once you sign into the app you downloaded, go to settings, go to connections and make sure TCP Override is ON. Make sure VPN Protocol is turned to OpenVPN. Now, your VPN should be all set after that.

3. Next, setting up your Laptop to your Internet through WIFI. This is pretty simple, just look at the bottom of your taskbar, towards the bottom right corner, there should be a "dot and 4 waves" icon that allows you to access your internet. Enable your internet and you should be good to move on.

4. Now, we setup the Mobile Hotspot. Search Mobile Hotspot or Hotspot on the "search" engine on windows and click on it. Turn ON mobile hotspot and make a password. Once you have that, you are good!

5. You need to open "Network Connections" by searching "run" on the search engine and click on it. It will bring you to a terminal which you can copy and paste or type this: ncpa.cpl <-- This will bring you to "Network Connections". Click on it, you will now need to find the right Ethernet # that has Tunnel Bear connected. To know if you have it connected, Turn on/off your VPN and Look over the "Network Connections" window to see which one is correct. (It's clear to see what is on or off by looking for a "red X" changing) You will be using that Ethernet # (that is named TunnelBear) to share your VPN to the PS5. After figuring out which one is correct, right click the Ethernet # that has Tunnel Bear and click "properties". Next, click "Sharing" and you should see a box that isn't pressed. Click that box and scroll for "Local Area Connection" or whatever the hotspot connection is (To find out what your Local Area Connection is aka your Mobile Hotspot, turn it off and on, and it will show up again on the "Network Connection" window). Once you have clicked that Local Connection, press okay and you are DONE!

6. Now, if you did everything correctly, you simply need to sign on to your Mobile Hotspot through your PS5. To check, If you have a copy of BO3, you can click on the settings in-game and check the server there OR send your account a message with a link to check your IP address (since PS5 doesn't have web browser, you have to click the message link for it to pop) to see if your IP address is different. If it shows that region you picked, CONGRATS you did it! 


Final Step:

If doing this ALONE, it will take a lot of effort to find someone (especially it's 2023). You need to look at time zones and hopefully find just ONE person from that region. Once you do, you literally need to stalk their in-game sessions and get lucky to join in. I didn't friend them, I just kept trying to join their session that was filled until I got in. I was lucky enough to join during a pre-game lobby. (MAKE SURE TO HAVE TWO CONTROLLERS) The internet connection is so bad, since you will be doing this VPN for free, it's best to fill the lobby at least with one extra controller to maybe greater your chances.


(HIGHLY Recommended option) Now if you choose to do this with a TEAM, you need 5 people for GUN GAME. Now, the only problem I had when doing this, was trying to invite people while dealing with this crappy internet connection from the hotspot. You may need to do some trouble-shooting to allow people to join. First, I would have one of their friends join you. If that works, have them try inviting the one who can't join the VPN host's lobby. If that doesn't work, trying un-friending the person, wait a bit and allow them to join through recent players. This worked for my buddy who couldn't join. The only way this made any sense for me, because when I did this alone, I was able to join whoever I wanted (who wasn't friend) to join their pre-game lobbies from that region. Your friend may have to do the same by un-friending and having them join through recent players.


How does this glitch work: 

I'm not going to say I'm fully 100% on this but this needs to happen. ONE: The VPN user needs to be host and invite their buddies and only the VPN user to WIN for everyone to gain trophy. TWO: IF you get into a lobby with the VPN host and find ANOTHER user from that REGION (which still counts towards that server) and that person WINS a GUN GAME, you will still get the trophy because I lagged out and my buddies were still in that lobby and I didn't win as VPN host. That person from that region won and everyone else still got it.


With all that said and done. Hopefully this was helpful to those who can group up and do this trophy. Of course, if you already have bought a VPN. You can use that. I decided to pick a free one because nobody wants to spend money on this sh*t. Goodluck!



How to share VPN to any console!

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Just now, MrTacos98 said:

The fact you have to go through all of this or find a Chinese or Brazilian friend to party up with to get this trophy is completely inexcusable. These are the types of trophies that developers should be forced to fix. Basically, only if you live in certain areas of the world can you obtain this unless you do a workaround.


Yep, I totally agree. This is very absurd.

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