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Thoughts about platinum, (And Future Plat Hunter Tips)


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So, as of writing this, I have just completed the platinum for this game and let me say, this is one of the most grueling platinums I've gone for. Firstly, there are several trophies that are misleading, making them very annoying to obtain. (The guide does a great job of mentioning all specifics) And a few trophies on the list are what I would consider idle trophies.

These Include:

  1. Home Sweet Home
  2. Potter
  3. Making Some Noise
  4. Puppeteer


Then beyond these trophies there are also a few grindy trophies, with the biggest grind being Blowin' Up . This trophy requires you to reach level 30 in game. It can be checked in the profile section of the main screen, but reaching level 30 still doesn't have a known time. The good news is that you get XP for completing imp quests, each giving 100XP, and doing anything in game. Creating gives much more XP, but is way boring compared to playing, which gives less but is way more fun. 


Honestly, I believe that Dreams is easily one of the worst platinum trophies ever. Not in terms of difficulty, but in terms of enjoyability.


Enjoyability - 4/10

Difficulty - 3/10

Time - 75-100hrs.


My final playtime for Dreams was 72hrs, mostly spent on level 30 grind. Tips that I have for future plat hunters:


  • Use the video side window strategy for all the idle trophies, helped me the most especially since I don't have a turbo controller.
  • Turbo controllers are your best friend with this platinum, especially with the level 30 grind. It could easily cut off around 20-25hrs off platinum time.
  • Finally, try to have fun, Dreams is a great game in short amounts. The creators make great games that you could probably enjoy for long periods of time, gaining XP along the way. However the game is ruined by the heinous amount of game play is required to get this Ultra Rare platinum. 


I purchased this game two years ago, started the platinum back in April of this year, and finished it today. Easily one of the worst platinums ever. GL to any future hunters.

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